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en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
nan-1 Chit-ê iōng-chiá tha̍k-siá Bân-lâm-gú ê lêng-le̍k sī chho·-kip.
id-1 Pengguna ini memiliki pengetahuan dasar bahasa Indonesia.
zh-1 这位用户的中文达到初级水平
hak-1 Liá chak yung-fu thu̍k-siá Hak-kâ-ngî ke nèn-li̍t he chhû-khip.
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  • 被稱為「台灣文學之母」的客家耆老鍾肇政先生,昨晚晚間七點於睡夢中辭世,享壽96歲.[1]

Mission in Indonesian WiktionarySunting

  • to carry out the maintaining.
  • to set the Indonesian Wiktionary as main source of Hakka-Indonesian online dictionary.

happy new year 2020Sunting


核廢料 核電廠 莧菜 胸坎 行政 興 興酒 興chhhih-chhih


(客語) 大家好, 𠊎係印尼語版本个維基百科个用戶. 在這片𠊎使用白話字來添加客語个項目. 𠊎鴰歡喜客語, 故所𠊎支持客語. 𠊎對語言鴰有興趣, 毋單淨客語, 𠊎乜歡喜漳泉話 (台語), 沖縄語 等等. 𠊎毋係語言學家, 但係𠊎煞猛學習, 一步一步. 你做得用簡單中文, 台語文, 英文 或者 客文來交流. 承蒙你.

Hello, I am a wikipedian who loves to learn languages, just an enthusiast. I am not a linguist. My work is to add lemmas to wiktionary, especially from Hakka, Hokkien and Okinawan (all of them are currently shrinking in the number of speakers)

if you have questions, critics, suggestions, objections, doubts, etc. please don't hesitate to leave the messages

For writing or romanization system, I prefer to follow the methods used by former linguist and also is currently being used.

汉语词典采集 (Mandarin Chinese references and collections)Sunting

  • 汉语印度尼西亚语-印度尼西亚语汉语词典 / Kamus Medium Mandarin Indonesia - Indonesia Mandarin. Silvia Lin Xin Yi (林心怡), Gramedia, Jakarta, 2014.
  • Kamus Praktis Indonesia Tionghoa (实用印尼语汉语辞典), Zeng Xian Guo, MEDURI, 2007.
  • 袖珍漢語詞典 / A Pocket Chinese-English Dictionary, 中華書局, Hong Kong, 1979.
  • 成语词典 / A Dictionary of Chinese Idioms, United Publishing House (M), SDN. BHD, Selangor, 2001

check out the materials or books from my collections or websSunting

check out some references on the internet :

  • offline dictionaries:
  1. Taiwan Hakka Dictionary.
  2. moedict
  3. Hakka spoken in Guangdong (web).
  4. about Moiyan Hakka
  • books:
  1. 美濃客家語寶典 Minung Hakka dictionary, Taiwan. 2016.

Hakka news (Siyen/Liuktui/Hoiliuk/Thaiphu/Chau'on/Ngiauphin--Taiwan)Sunting

List of famous Hakka people (linguistic, literary, humanity)Sunting

how to translate foreign terms and landmarks into Hakka?Sunting

  1. foreign words and landmarks aren't necessarily translated, you can keep the original words. example: mata-mata -- police (borrowed from Malay into Sandakan-Hakka).[2]
  2. Mainland Chinese /Taiwanese are educated in Mandarin usually translating foreign new words into Mandarin Chinese/Putonghua Hanzi. Because Mandarin is widespread, the Hanzi created from Putonghua sound is adopted by Southern Chinese speakers with their own pronunciations.
  3. From my observation, Hakka TV is translating all foreign terms and landmarks into Hakka by borrowing the Hanzi created by Mandarin-Chinese/Guoyu. Because Mandarin Chinese and Hakka have great similarities in grammar structure, usually the words will only change in pronunciation. In case if it is too formal, make it more vernacular is also acceptable. example: Belgium is written in hanzi as 比利時 (Mandarin pinyin = Bǐlìshí), in Hakka, hanzi will be the same, but change the pronounciation into Pí-li-sṳ̀.
Manneken Pis ( "Little Pissing Man" -- a landmark in Brussels-Belgium), hanzi is written as 尿尿小童 (pinyin : niàoniào xiǎotóng), translation in Hakka would be "ngiau-ngiau-seú-thùng", it is acceptable but if you make it more vernacular ô-ngiau se-â-kô-é (屙尿細阿哥仔) [1] will be sound better.