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But I think in a more "dictionary" style Indonesian, “lock” = “ibu kunci” while “key” = “anak kunci”. But those are rarely used :) You might as well ask [[Pengguna:Kisti|Kisti]]. •• [[User:IvanLanin|ivanlanin]] [[User Talk:IvanLanin|♫]] 15:10, 4 Juni 2007 (UTC)
== Re: Bot request lagi !!!! ==
Vous pouvez parler indonésien très bien ;) Regarding your request, it is logically possible. But I haven't tried anything like that before. I'll try to tweak the bot, but no promise :) I'll let you know in one or two days. Thx. •• [[User:IvanLanin|ivanlanin]] [[User Talk:IvanLanin|♫]] 16:39, 6 Juni 2007 (UTC)